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Wrong SIM sent following phone purchase

Hi all, I am posting to this forum as a last resort before I disconnect my SIM from Virgin Media, as I read that this is the only actua way to sort an issue, as the Customer Service both by phone and chat are of no help.

I bought a new Phone via the website last month and selected the option for a 30-days rolling contract SIM with Unlimited Minutes, Text and 1GB for £6, but what I actually received was a 1GB Data Only SIM still for £6.

After going nowhere via the chat (asking me to return the phone?!?!) I called and spoke to somebody who has said he was going to add Unlimited Minutes, add extra 3GB and waive the payment for one month, but was not able to add Unlimited Text. I accepted but after 4 days no update was made.

I phoned again today to be told that the SIM is still on Data Only plan and unless I send the phone and the SIM back, I would only be able to have unlimited minutes on it but I will have to pay for text.

Now I don't want to send everything back and I don't want a new SIM as that would mean losing the number I just ported from the competition, I want what was sold by the website: Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Text and 1GB for £6 on 30 days rolling contract, is it too much to ask?

This was unfair commercial practice as on no phones on the online shop there is an option to select Data Only SIM, nevertheless I was sent one!

Is there a supervisor/manager that can deal with this situation?

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