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Worst customer service in the world

Ten times we have to call you to get the worst customer service ever. Do t put us through to people in Manila or India when they haven’t got a clue to what to do. You’re very quick to send emails on direct debits and collecting your money for your awful customer service but you can’t deliver on your end. Perhaps after being on call for an hour and half. Congratulations on being connected to you, it’s the only bloody way. There is no company with worst customer service than Virgin Media 

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Re: Worst customer service in the world

That's entirely correct, but VM's senior management know already, and there's no plans to change it. 

In fact, there appear to be deliberate plans to make things worse like completely ignoring all lessons of the Hub 3 Puma fiasco and launching the half-baked Hub 4 on users before the many bugs are ironed out, not having trained support staff for the Hub 4 (nor apparently even a user manual), STILL promoting the Hub 4 for new sales, and (in the middle of pandemic that's slashed customer service capacity) starting the replacement of all Virgin Mobile user's SIM cards.  

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Re: Worst customer service in the world

It's getting worse and worse every day.  It feels to me like they're in the process of shutting down to be honest, ahead of this merger with O2.

The only real option is to get out while you can.  It's almost impossible to get through to Virgin to cancel, so the best you can do is take out a new plan with another provider (literally any provider. Anyone is better than Virgin), then log in to your Virgin account and get a PAC code.  You can then give this to your new provider, which they will use to bring your number across, and this will automatically close your Virgin account. You won't have to attempt to speak to Virgin.

Good luck

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Re: Worst customer service in the world

Hi Ellenczaj


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.


I am sorry you feel this way. Is there anything we can assist with?


Kind regards,

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