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Wifi Calling on iPhone 11 bought from Virgin

A few weeks ago I bought a brand new iPhone 11 from Virgin on a Pay Monthly contract. 

The reason for the upgrade was so that I could use the WiFi calling service - we live in the countryside and there is not much signal from the mobile telephone network on our property and none inside the house.  

The Iphone 11 is definitely one of the phones for which Virgin have enabled WiFi calling.  

We have other Iphones in the house on other networks which use WiFi Calling every day without problem from the same house and the same WiFi network.  

The Virgin Mobile WiFi Calling feature simply doesn't work.   We've tried everything.  Specifically, we have:

(1) Tried switching the iphone on and off. 

(2) Tried switching the "WiFi Calling" feature on and off in the "Setttings" menu of the iPhone. 

(4) Tried getting a new SIM from Virgin, which came promptly but made no difference.  

(5) Checked that the Iphone 11 is one of the phones for which Virgin says it provides this feature. 

(6) Bought our new Iphone 11 directly from Virgin as an upgrade - this is not a phone from another provider.  

(7) Checked that we are on a Pay Monthly tarriff.  

(8) Updated the Apple operating system and other software on the phone to the latest version.  

(9) Checked all the details mentioned on the Virgin media website page about WiFi Calling at

Frankly, I now think this alleged feature does not work, or at least not on the Iphone 11 and I am considering a formal, written complaint, first to Virgin and then, if necessary, to Ofcom.  

What is wrong with the world when a big company can take your money and simply not provide the service it claims to provide ?  Who works for an outfit that behaves like this ?  




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Re: Wifi Calling on iPhone 11 bought from Virgin

When I signed up to Virgin mobile someone had to activate wifi calling on the virgin system for it to ‘work’.

Just a warning that texts over WiFi calling can take up to 12 hours to arrive - I had to leave Virgin because of this issue. They do not admit they have an issue with their system.

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Re: Wifi Calling on iPhone 11 bought from Virgin

Going on past posts it is more than likely that it is not switched on at Virgins end.


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