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WiFi calling with extra Access Point

Hi I have a Samsung Note10 and a VirginMobile SIM. I use my own WiFi access point (tp-link ax-6000) near the middle of my house, connected to my broadband router over ethernet.

Recently I was notified on the phone that WiFi Calling had been enabled for my device, and that has been mostly great because the mobile signal in the house is bad. The one problem that I've found is due to marginal WiFi strength in one room of the house (the "office" room). Often if I walk in to that room during a phone call then the call will be dropped.

For example, I receive a call in the kitchen (all good), then need to get in to the office to look at something - call drops. I have ethernet in the office room so this has not been a problem with "regular" voice calling from the PC.

My question: if I installed an extra access point in the office room and connect it via ethernet, would my mobile be able to move between the access points without dropping the call?

Is there any special compatibility or setup that the two access points would need to work together?


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Re: WiFi calling with extra Access Point

Hey @EMack,


Thanks for your post on our community forums.


Sorry to hear that you're having issues with WIFi calling over your network. In answer to your question about the access point this would work correctly with your network and if the access point was attached to the same network as the rest of your home you would be able to go into your office and carry on using the phone without any issues.  


We use the G.Hn protocol. Other protocols are AV, AV2 (primarily Homeplug) are not compatible, so any other equipment that you get would need to be compatible with that protocol to work correctly.