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WiFi calling not working

Joining in


I don't have a landline and I am a virgin mobile customer. Recently the local mobile phone tower moved. Our our house is now in a dead spot (very poor/low signal level mobile coverage) even though we're less than 500M from the tower. Therefore I need to be able to make and receive mobile calls using WiFi calling. Occasionally this appears to work but most of the time it does not. This has left me without reliable telephone access in my home.

This is becoming more of an issue for me as I'm missing important calls (doctors etc). I guess I could switch to another operator to see if the 2G/3G/4G mobile channel has better coverage as it's likely to be on a different mobile channel, possible from a different mobile tower ?




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @pausten265 thanks for your post, although I'm sorry to hear of your concerns raised here.

Can you please try our coverage checker here to see if this has highlighted any issues in your area here?

Many thanks



I used the coverage checker and it reports 'Good indoors and outdoors. Good for 4G calling.'

If I move down the garden I can make calls (phone reports ~ -108 dBm). Inside the house I cannot (phone reports -126 dBm). It was fine before the mobile tower moved though on the same phone.



Hi @pausten265 thanks for your reply.

So firstly, if WiFI Calling is struggling then it's possibly your WiFi coverage within your home that could be contributing to this.

Do you have broadband services with us at Virgin Media? How is your broadband performing generally?

Many thanks


I have good WiFi coverage throughout the house, 5.8G Wifi (phone connected to) is strong (download = 130 Mbps, upload 20 Mbps, ping time 17 ms). These are broadband limited (I have 130 Mbps download speed from Virgin) not WiFi limited.





Hi Paul

Thanks for coming back to us. I'm going to send you a PM to get some details and we'll be able to check some things for you, hopefully fix this.


Forum Team

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