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Wi Fi calling keeps dropping

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Hi. I have a similar sounding issue

WiFi calling was rock solid on Three using my Samsung S10e. I have changed to Virgin and it's very patchy. One minute it's there and the next it's gone (even the Wifi calling option in the shortcuts disappears). If I go back to an area of good phone signal, a message "refreshing sim data" appears and then the WiFi calling option is back.

It's very frustrating particularly when it was bullet proof with Three and the only thing that has changed is the move to Virgin. Other message boards about recurrent sim refresh issues suggests checking the APN settings... no solution there for me anyway (although bizarrely today my APN settings were for a Belgium provider BASE, but they switched back to Virgin APN settings when I went and found a better mobile phone signal)

My post is really to say - I feel your pain, I've not found a solution and switch to a different provider when you can - as I say Three was perfect for me (and I wish I had not changed)


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Forum Team (Retired)

Hi rictho, 


Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums. 


Sorry to hear you're having some issues here - not the level of service we aim to provide at all. Just so I have a better understanding, is your broadband with us currently? As I want to determine where the issues is - what's the service like when you're using 4G/5G? Also, are you able to check out this link: as there is a section that covers if it isn't working. 




I have a samsung a71 I've just moved over o virgin (was on tesco) so I can use WiFi calling due to lack of signal at my property, the problem I have is even when I'm sat 2m away from the router I keep getting the message refreshing sim data and when that happens I either get or lose WiFi calling. I've been in touch with virgin they say it's my phone because it's not a virgin phone they can't garranty WiFi calling. My wife moved from virgin to o2 she couldn't use WiFi calling but o2 did something and it now works. I've been in touch with samsung and my phone is working fine, also my wife's sim works fine in my phone any ideas 

Hi @Angliajeff31 👋

A warm welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post. Great to have you here 😊

Sorry you've been having some issues with WiFi Calling. 

Can I ask if you have taken a look at our support page here to help troubleshoot?

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I've been on the phone several times with virgin they have sent a new sim they've turned off and on wifi calling  at there end they even asked me to ask my wife to ask o2 what they did they said it's upto virgin not use to help sort the problem 

When you disconnect from WiFi mid-call and there’s no 4G or mobile signal for your phone to switch to, your WiFi Call will drop and you’ll have to ring back.

Stay close to the broadband Hub or WiFi hotspot.
And try moving your Hub close as you can to the middle of your home.
Switch off WiFi Calling until your somewhere the connection’s stronger.


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Hi as I said earlier I sit 2 meters away from the router and we have no signal from virgin mast is there so.e sort of firmware 

Can you confirm if you also lose WiFi signal altogether on the device?

Are you selecting 4g as the network mode?


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Hi I don't lose WiFi just the WiFi  calling  as for 4g I don't know what you mean or where to select it

Go into Settings on your device then > press Connections > Mobile Networks > Network Mode > Select 4g as the required Network Mode 

We'd also suggest trying the SIM in an alternative handset to see if the issue persists. 


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