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Wi-Fi Calling Not Working


Can anyone help? Wi-Fi calling was working fine on my Virgin SIM until I ported in my number today. The port has completed and all working OK, except Wi-Fi Calling. I live in a poor signal area and previously, WFC was always active.

1. I have reset network settings and even reset the phone!

2. I've taken the SIM out and put it back in

3. iOS / carrier settings are up to date / latest versions

4. I've toggled WFC calling on and off in Settings

5. My number is showing in 'My Number' in Settings (iPhone 11 Pro)

I've tried texting, calling and messaging customer services and can't get through/have had no reply. I reply on WFC due to the poor signal here, I can't make or receive calls without it.

Any ideas/help would be appreciated.

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Re: Wi-Fi Calling Not Working

My guess would be that it’s not provisioned on your account. I called up customer services on 789 and someone enabled it on the Virgin system. After this was done it worked fine apart from texts don’t always come through straight away when the phone is on WiFi calling. I regularly have had 6-8 hours delay on texts being received.

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