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Why don't Virgin Mobile sales people tell you the truth?

So I get a call today from Virgin Mobile telling me that my current SIM plan has expired and is no longer available; (£6.14 for 1000mins + 1Gb of data.  We aren't big users so this suits us fine and we usually roll our data over each month.  So she tells me I have to change deal.  Pushes 10Gb of data and unlimited calls etc at £10 a month, no use to me.  I tell her we only need a small amount of data and she tells me the cheapest one is only £8 a month giving me 3Gb of data and unlimited calls and texts.  This is still more than we are paying and more than we need!

She tells me that I must change as my plan is no longer possible.  

So I decide to move to sky if Virgin can't meet our needs.  I have a quick google to find that Virgin offer £6 for 4Gb with unlimited calls and texts.  So my question, was this sales person deliberately lying to me and misleading me or are Virgin Mobile sales people not aware of all of their deals?

My thoughts are to move to Sky on principle who will do a similar deal.  This isn't good enough Virgin! have been with you for years both TV and mobile (until we moved and the TV isn't available here).

Would appreciate comments from Virgin.  I know I'm not a huge user but surely if this is how customers are dealt with then..........

£6 for 4GB | Virgin Media

Dave Dupont

Dave D
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Re: Why don't Virgin Mobile sales people tell you the truth?

Hello Davedup

Thank you for bringing this to our attention 

I understand that we need to remove old deals that have run their time

The offer you were advised was correct 

The offer you posted here was for new customers only 

If you did need to look at other offers then 

This will need to be done by calling us or 0345 454 1111.

You can also send us a text with a description of your problem to 07533 051809
 if it’s about your cable services, or 07533 016422 if you have a query about your mobile services. 
Your message will go into a queue and a representative will respond to you as soon as possible.



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