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Where do I start? Please help

Joining in

Live in Blackpool - coverage supposed to be good.

On average outside of wifi I get 0.5mbps on 4G. Virgin site states I should expect 35+. 

Phone drops calls constantly.

Reported issue to Virgin on a ridiculous 4 hour Whatsapp conversation who sent a SIM card. Pointless, in other places in the UK phone works fine (I travel about 600 miles a week all over).

SIM arrives. Popped into phone and transferred over. No change on network speed (killing my business btw). 

Now this morning all outgoing calls have stopped rendering my phone entirely useless. Have done all the necessary checks and nothing. 

Incidentally, customer service immediately told they could see the mast in my area was down last time, before actually asking where I was... I was not at home at the time...

So, my question is this - if I don't pay my bill, I am in breach of my contract because VM expects me to uphold my side of this deal - simply put, at what point is VM in breach of contract if I am paying for high speeds on a 5G device and regularly on get speeds I got on Edge back in the early 2000s... VM are not sorting this issue, so at what point do they release the contract so I can get a provider that serves where I live?




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi iamgareththomas,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂

We were aware of an issue with some customer's being unable to make calls, but this should now be resolved. If you can please perform a reboot of the phone?

In regards to your signal, can you confirm if you've checked here recently to check on the coverage and network?