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When should I swap SIM cards?

On 30th September I spoke to Virgin and accepted a new package which included a mobile SIM. I gave Virgin a PAC Code to leave iD Mobile and port my number over to Virgin, and my new Virgin SIM card arrived October 2nd. Virgin said I would be switched over by them on Monday the 5th. So I am still using my iD Mobile SIM containing my existing phone number in order to use WhatsApp. But does my new Virgin SIM need to be installed now to complete the switchover on the 5th or should I install the new Virgin SIM when the current iD SIM stops working?

Also, when I first tried out the new Virgin SIM I was sent two text messages saying it needed to "set up" my phone (or words to that effect) and needed a password, so I left it as I was busy.  These messages have since disappeared - if they are important can I get Virgin to re-send them to my phone? As I said, I've currently still got my old iD Mobile SIM card in my phone. Thanks! 

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Re: When should I swap SIM cards?

From my experience of porting numbers, you will lose your ID mobile connection at some point on Monday. This will be when the number has been moved over to Virgin.

Not sure about the texts so can’t help on this front.

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