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What does phone restricted mean?

I have recently had to change my sim. I have an old phone a Nokia 210. I rang 789 customer service. I  was told by one person that because I didn't have a smart phone I wouldn't need to swap it. I then get sent a another sim card? I then received a text saying if I didn't change the sim I would be unable to receive any services.  I rang 789 again and was told I must change to the new sim, which I did.

Tonight I was in an area that had no network coverage. When I got home a warning message came up on the screen saying PHONE RESTRICTED.??? What is wrong phone?

I don't know what this means. It won't allow me to to get back to any menu. I can not ring 789 for help,in fact I cannot use the phone at all.

I have also changed my email address and was told all I needed to do was to register that on my account. I have been unable to register as it won't recognise my new email and wants to keep sending verification codes to my old email which is no longer in use. How am I supposed to contact Virgin for any assistance?

Help, this is driving me nuts.I am not very savvy with mobiles hence the age of my phone. Customer service is not very good at all with virgin mobile. They speak in riddles as I don't understand all the techno jargon I have been with them 15 years plus. They don't seem to understand I don't want an all singing all dancing mobile. I just want one the makes/receives calls and texts. I don't want internet access etc, etc,

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Forum Team
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Re: What does phone restricted mean?

Hi Redlands, 

Thanks for your post and welcome to our community. 

I'm very sorry that you're having some issues with the SIM recently and for the delay in getting back in touch, we have been busier than usual. 

I'd love to take a closer look at your account so we can check what's going on, if this is still an issue? 

Just reply to my personal message and I can take some details from there and we can also sort out the online account as well. 

I look forward to hearing back from you soon. 

Emma_C - Forum Team
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