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Hi there, I've seen a few older posts about this and sounds like my voicemail needs resetting by the tech team?


I had a text and icon up to say I had a voicemail message, when I rang into my voicemail it asked for passcode and # key as usual but then there was a 10sec pause and it said "thanks for calling" and hung up.


I've tried turning the phone off and also accessing voicemail from another phone but the same thing happens. I've left another message to see if this clears it but it doesn't. I know the first message is real because I later spoke to the person who left it.


I know it's not a good time to be posing such questions and and don't want to bother ringing Virgin who are trying to focus on emergencies but can anyone help?


It's a Samsung A40 through Virgin if that makes any difference. 

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