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Voicemail why do i need a pi

Tuning in

I'm abroad and have received a voicemail when I try to listen to it my voicemail is blocked, I phone customer service they sent 2 text with different numbers when I tried again my voicemail was blocked again  so I phone customer service again this time they said my voicemail hadn't been activated it would take 24 hours and I would not need a pin. When I tried 24hrs later my temporary pin had expired contact customer service. 

Why do I need a pin I never used to.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Su123, thank you for reaching out and I am so sorry to hear this.

Unfortunately if you was going away your voicemail would of needed to be set up before hand, once you go away we can't set this up for or get it working again till you land back in the UK. 

Once you do land back in the UK just turn the phone on / off and the voicemail will work again, I am sorry about this. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Thanks for that but it doesn't answer my question, my voicemail has always worked when abroad in the past but this time it needs a pin number ? From what you have said once back in UK I turn my phone off and on and all is well but what about the next time I go abroad.

Hey @Su123,

Thanks for getting back to us. With regards to your query we have recently improved our mobile security systems which does include the addition of a Voicemail pin in certain circumstances, as my colleague stated once you return to the Uk this will be easily rectified following the steps provided.

Cheers. Joe