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Voicemail # not accesible from Norway

Joining in


I am unable to access my voicemail from Norway. Every time I dial my voicemail I get an automated response that says the telephone number is not in use.

I have set up a pin # and been able to access my voicemail prior to now.

I have tried =

Hold down 1 for voicemail or dial 222 on your mobile.

Tap # and enter your PIN to use your voicemail as usual.

When I dial either of those numbers I get an an automated message that says the numbers are not in use

I’ve been in Norway for a few months now and everything else is ok. Just can’t get on my voicemail 

Hope you can help.




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Rwest


Thanks for posting on the forums in regards to the voicemail issues experienced whilst you're away in Norway, we understand the frustration and apologise for the inconvenience.


You mentioned everything else works so it sounds like roaming is active if you can make and receive calls and texts and use data so it may be an issue with the PIN itself. I will send you a Private Message to get some more details from you.