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Voicemail icon won't clear

Tuning in

Hi, I have that annoying issue with the stuck Voicemail icon alert.  I have tried everything - sending myself a voicemail, switching voicemail alerts off/on, clearing the data and cache from the phone app etc etc.  Please can someone suggest anything/something else to try?  I am pulling my hair out!

Each time I boot the phone, the message pops up that I have a new voicemail.  I can get rid of it by switching off the badges but I use this for other apps so that is a no go. 

Help anyone?


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I'm sure i suffered this in the past, I routinely disable voicemail and answering services now due to it.

Launch voicemail again and listen to the spiel, there may be an unheard message you have missed, after listening delete the message unless you need to keep them.

If your voicemail service isn't setup, do that whilst there, pin number etc and if its not really needed ask VM to disable it - sadly its a dying service we aren't using as much - some tariffs still charge to listen to as well 😞

Thanks, but no unread or unheard messages.  Will try disabling VM, cheers

Hi there @NotHappy2015


Thank you so much for your post and I am so sorry to hear that you have been unbale to remove this icon. 


Have you been able to follow the advise given by @Anonymous? Have you also tried rebooting the handset? 


How are things looking now? 


Thank you. 

Thanks all, switching the VM off in my account and then back on an hour later has resolved it!

Thanks for the update @NotHappy 2015, I'm glad to hear that this issue has now been resolved.

If you need anything further please let us know, we will be more than happy to help.



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