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Voicemail doesn’t work.

Joining in

Huawei phone, moved to Virgin mobile quite some time ago and have received the notification from virgin that I have voicemail. When I click on the notification to listen, it says I have none? A bit weird! Have “ rung” my phone from my wife’s phone to try and leave a voicemail but the phone goes through to ring twice and then cuts off without having been able to leave a message.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi schooee,

Thanks for posting, and sorry for any confusion regarding your voicemails.

So I can take a closer look at this for you, I've popped you over a private message (purple envelope, top right hand corner)



Hi, thanks for the prompt reply. I’ve actually got it working now, how,I don’t know but it is. Thanks again for your offer to help. Phil S

Thank you for coming back to us @schooee 😊

Glad this is working for you again. Please pop back if you are having any further issues and we will be here to help 💪.