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Voicemail alert staying on

Tuning in

Voicemail alert is staying on even though there are no messages...Is not a handset issue as I've swapped handsets and the issue has transferred.

Also voicemail is cutting people off before they have finished. Doesn't do it with all calls.

Can a mod get in touch. They were sending me a new sim but I didn't get it through. I've just replied to the original private message but been told not to contact a mod direct and to start a new thread so here it is.




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @smithysmoo 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us. Is this regarding a mobile handset and a sim card?

Please let us know.


The handset is not the problem...I've had 2 handsets now...on both the voicemail cuts people off and now its telling me I have a message when i don't...

I think you were supposed to be sending me a replacement sim but it never came...

Do you have a fix for this issue with the voicemail??

Hi @smithysmoo 👋.

We can look into this further for you, I just need to send you a private message just to confirm some details so that we can see what needs to be done. I am sure you know the drill, look out for the purple envelope for a private message and we can do things from there.



Please do that then...I will look out for the message coming through.