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Vodafone Switch?

So when are we expecting the switchover from using EE (BT) to Vodafone.

My guess is that as confirmed in Dec 2019, Virgin are still going ahead with the switch to Vodafone's network to supply 2/3/4/5G services.

I've noticed that Virgin Mobile customers with 5G contract are now starting to get access to 5G via Vodafone's growing network, however I'm wondering the following,

1. How does this work when the network is still running on EE, are 5G customers being switched to Vodafones network or is there some magic happeneing where devices can roam across both networks.

2. When does the switch happen for the rest of us, would be nice to get some of the latest network features most get as standard with other networks (ie. HD Calling, VoLTE and access to lower spectrum 'B20)

I know many will think its not happening because of the proposed merger of O2 into VM/LG but thats yet to be finalised and will likely take as long as long as the 5 year deal with Vodafone lasts.

If I've helped please let me know 🙂 Matt

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Re: Vodafone Switch?

Well there are no live 5G contacts at the moment so I guess we will have to wait.

I suspect all services on those SIM cards will change. I suspect too there will have to be VoLTE as dropping back to 3G on a different network is never going to work. 

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