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Virgin support - absolute garbage

So... Customer service on this forum (private messages) seems not read the messages properly and don't understand a bit. If you one of them please read it carefully.

What is the problem?

  • A problem with my wife's phone started over 1,5 month ago. Her service stopped working.
  • We've called help line (it was still open at that time) and the guy said that new SIM card was sent to her some time ago and she should use a new SIM instead what she had at that time. "That's the reason of a problem" he said.
  • The mentioned SIM never arrived, and we were even surprised that it was sent, so we've asked him for a new SIM and he asked if it's ok to block previously sent SIM. We have said "yes" because we didn't receive it anyway.
  • After few days new SIM arrived with an instruction: "Use old SIM to send an activation code to this number..." and at this point we are stuck. Service isn't working (because SIM is not activated) so we can not send or receive anything using her phone. Because of that we can not activate new SIM.
  • We tried to contact help line again but it was already closed (covid).
  • Someone on the forum told us that we can activate a card for our self but it requires a virgin account.
  • We've entered a website and start making registration process and ... we stuck again. To complete registration process we have to provide a code send to a phone number we are trying to register. And guess what? Phone can not receive any SMSes because SIM is not activated
  • There's no virgin stores in a town where we can do this (because of covid lockdown)
    We can't use my account to authenticate her. She doesn't remember her password
    I've asked multiple times for info how my wife can authenticate her self so she can activate a card. The answers are:

We'll do all we can to help if you can get back to us confirming the following:
The mobile number, or address the account is registered to
The full name of the account holder
If you are or are not the account holder (if not, your name please)
The 2nd, 4th, & 6th characters from the memorable security word

I gave all except the password as my wife doesn't remember it

Unfortunately we wouldn't be able to help further without completing a security check - and we can only go through alternative security-checks with the account holder directly

Just to confirm - the memorable security word we're requesting characters from is separate to your own details you can reset online.

The website does not allow us to register because it requires a confirmation code sent to a phone... and it is not working because it is not activated, so we can not 'reset online'

If the account holder contacts us directly we can provide a reminder or ask for other details from the account.

We can not contact you in person as Virgin stores are closed

We can not contact you by phone as Virgin helpline is not working as intended. Instead of connecting us to a person it sends a link to this website.

Sadly we'd need the characters of security to pass security with someone who is not the named account holder.
We don't remember a password. Authenticate us in a different way please.

The only way we can accept the secondary security from someone who is not the account holder would be if you had power of attorney on the account.

I'm not in such power, she doesn't remember a password, her SIM card is not activated, Help Line is not working, Stores are closed, she cannot register on a website because it needs working phone

Are you able to visit the customer and help them contact?

I'm just doing that by telling you all of it! She looks at those messages I'm writing and she is powerless because she can't authenticate with the way you provide.

If you're with her you can call the number on your handset or a landline, or if she has a forum account she can post a thread regarding this herself for us to take a look into this after passing secondary security. The device your contacting us on can be used by her to contact on the provided methods.

That's too much. They don't read. She can not call using her phone as her phone is not working. She can not call you using my phone as help line doesn't work. She does not have a forum account. Forum registration for specific number requires working phone on this number. The device I'm contacting you with is PC and we can do a sh*t because we can not register as registration requires a phone number you are registering for and it send a freaking SMS to this number. We can't register her account on my phone number. This is different account.

As we haven't passed security we're not able to escalate this on the account in question. 

As advised, you can call or text or set up an account for the account holder on the device you're using to contact and then the account holder can get in touch this way.

Sorry I'm unable to assist further.

&^%$#@! We can not do that as registration requires confirmation sent to the phone you are registering and the SIM card is not activated. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! You don't know how your own services works!

It is absolute garbage support. Endless, pointless and repeatable explanations which you didn't read. You can check that a service was not in use (or registered on network for over 1,5 month.) At this very moment we demand a return of money for not provided service. We did all we can to contact you on multiple occasion (phone service not working, help line not working, impossible to register on forum) and you've been informed about the issue multiple times by me. Sorry that we didn't 'authenticate' the way you expect us but authenticate is completely impossible at this point. I've explained it as well why it is not possible and you've returned with a solution which you know will fail. It is a shame for whole support team and peoples who created such self exclusive rules and a policy of responses to a customer. "Sorry I'm unable to assist further" What is this sh**y answer. If you can not then pass a problem to someone who can. If whole team can not do it then call a manager. There must be someone who can solve it... by clicking one freaking button "Activate SIM". 

In private messages you have a phone number I'm talking about.

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Re: Virgin support - absolute garbage

Hi defik,


Please refer to our private message 🙂 



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