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Virgin supplied MobiWire Oneida - how to stop it "using the intenet" & keep mobile phone service?

After the SIM-swap, my old phone would not work.
After posting here, Virgin have sent me a MobiWire Oneida handset.

For info, I am very familiar with Android tablets/apps, and access their use by tablet or PC.
I have no use for any such on this phone - all I want it for is to make receive calls and texts like the old phone.

The old phone on old SIM lasted a week between charges. 2 days after SIM-swap.
Concerned about the new unit, my initial test was just to switch on the new phone & assess battery life in "sleep" mode.
It lasted 5 days on the initial charge without my use.
Good enough, but later found it had "Used the Internet" 6 times and charged me £2 a pop for the privilege.

More posts/private messages to Virgin support, who have refunded the £12, but cannot tell me how to stop the phone "Using the Internet" without my authorisation (usually in the middle of the night)

Here are relevant bits of the dialogue ("their bits in quotes")
They advised: "locate any apps that are downloading over data"

I asked: How am I supposed to do that? guys supplied the thing loaded with your approved apps.

"We have also turned off the data from this end for you to give you time to check out your new handset and to locate any apps that are downloading over data.
In the meantime, you'll only be able to use WiFi"

"You should be able to stop any apps connecting via data via the settings menu; there should be an option to only connect using WiFi. "

I can connect via WiFi, but I can't make/receive calls that way (the option is given in the manual but is absent on the phone).
In any case, when I do go out with mobile, I need to stop the internet access when connected to the phone network.

I do know, from my usage logs, exactly when such access occurred & the data block size transferred.
The last two were:

06 Sep @04:32, 15 KB
09 Sep @03:45, 2 KB

"We are unable to see what apps used the internet"
"If you require further assistance with the use of the handset, please feel free to post to the public forum so a Community member may assist; we are not trained in all types of handsets and are not handset technicians." (my bold)
Hence my post here, though I think it's a bit off expecting folks here to clean up the mess that Virgin Mobile have made.

I seek advice from anyone with such a handset, to find a way to stop whatever it is from "Using the Internet""

In the meantime, my phone is powered off.
Since they "have also turned off the data from this end", I presumably need to sort out this issue & get back to them to "turn on the data from their end" ?

Until then I don't have any mobile service at all...

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