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Virgin mobiles hacked through the virgin mobile online account and now I AM paying for the consquences.

I have 2 mobile contracts with Virgin. Both of my numbers got hacked through the Virgin online account and the hacker deactivated my numbers on Virgin. I can't make/receive calls or messages. Both messages keep appearing (SIM 1 not provisioned). I took the sim cards out of my phone to protect my phones I spend days on the phone to Virgin. They said they would send me new sims, but never arrived!! I went into my online account to discover my numbers had been reactivated. No communication from Virgin! I called again and they said the numbers are now on pay as you go? What? I just upgraded to a new phone a few weeks ago, how can that be? I have been on my mobile contract for more than 2 years and I am still on my contract? They said they cannot give me a contract now because my credit check failed. WHAT??? How did you manage to send me a new phone and you upgraded my TV and broadband a few weeks ago? I am in the middle of a contract, how can you cancel my contract in the middle of a contract? This is breach and it is their fault I got hacked in the first place through their online account! I decided I want to leave Virgin altogether (TV, broadband, etc) but I have to pay £240.00 to leave, but they can cancel my contract in the middle of a contract with no cost to them. Well guess what it will cost you virgin, you wait and see! Sims still don't work and still no new sims arrived rendering my phones useless. Unbelievable!

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