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Virgin mobile network poor not working very well

On our wavelength

hi I’m in the wa10 area St Helens Merseyside 

what is going on with our mobile network 

for weeks now driving not 5 mins from our house it starts you try using mobile data and it doesn’t work Facebook whatts app even airplane mode fails same for mine, husband and sons mobile all different phones and now it’s started in Liverpool aswell my daughter is having struggles in her area if she leaves her building it’s intermittently connected go on Wi-Fi it’s fine 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello dublife58


Sorry to hear of the problems experience with mobile data close to where you live, we understand the frustration and apologise for any inconvenience caused. 


Have you been able to check for any coverage issues here for that area? Is it only that area you have issues in or is it everywhere else? Have you recently been advised of or sent a new SIM card at all?


How are the other services such as calls and texts both sending and receiving?