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Virgin Mobile

On our wavelength

As a result of this issue we have cancelled our Internet package with Virgin and I will be cancelling our mobile sim contracts and ensuring I don't use virgin media again for anything.   Which is a shame considering we have been with virgin media for well over 5 years purchasing a range of services from mobiles (twice), Internet and TV packages and sim deals over the years.    However virgin does not reward loyalty and in fact quite the opposite.     


I moved out of my old address back in March 2018 of which I advised virgin on the phone at the time and passed over my Dad who had been taking over the account/taking out a new one.    Virgin amended all the details - bank details, contact details but left the account in my name without my consent.     

We took out virgin at our new address in March 2018 including 2 handsets and lived there until December 2021 and moved again taking virgin with us to that address.  


Initial issue virgin could not install the service at first due to an issue so it had been delayed 3 weeks over the Christmas period.   We rang up about the automatic compensation stated on the website to which we had been advised we would get nothing despite quoting the wording on the website.  We had to raise a compalint and chase this to which we had been advised it would be raised and would be automatic.  However once the Internet had been installed we had been charged for th entire month and installation fee still awaiting our compensation.    This had been chased again with virgin and a manager had to resolve this which took much longer than it should of done. 


Fast forward another few months to May 2022, we got married and at this time I decided I should start looking into my credit file to help pay off the wedding with possible loans.  I noticed a new loan with virgin taken out in November 2021 at my parents address which I had moved out of in March 2018 and which Virgin had already been aware of.    After ringing up to discuss this virgin confirmed they would get the back office to look into this and correct my credit file as a missed payment had been impacting this for something unrelated to me.     I heard nothing in over 3 weeks so had to call back and been informed that no response had been received from the back office so they will chase.  I allowed a further week and rang back to complain explaining myself and the issue for the 3rd time.    

It eventually came to light after these phone calls with virgin that a handset had been taken out online on the account or so I had been informed by Paul the compalint advisor at the time who  closed my first compalint without speaking to me as a supposed civil matter.    


I had to ring back the following day to discuss as Paul rang out of their office hours so I couldn't ring back despite trying 5 minutes later.     I had been informed that not a single person I had spoken to which had been in excess of 5 people had made a note that I had moved out of my parents address in 2018 to which they had been informed in 2018!         A new compalint had be set up to which I had not been provided Aby reference number for this.     

Fast forward another few months (the initial complaint had been raised on 2nd of July 2022).    Today (15th of October 2022) I received a call from Gemma from the Vm02 executive team so that is over 3 months since I raised the initial complaint advised that it is a civil matter and that apparently what I had been informed previously - that it had been taken out online on the current account which is still in my name had been incorrect.        Apparently a new account had been set up with a credit check carried out by Equifax with the details and passed.   

I have been advised numerous different stories from Virgin and received a lack of customer service, care or safeguarding during these last few months which shows virgin does not treat customers with any sort of care.       


The compalint has now been closed and I will be escalating this matter further with being negatively impacted both mentally and financially as a result of this experience caused by nothing more than virgin inability to keep their records updated or protect customers from any form of harm.




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Dominic4

Welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post. 

I am so sorry to hear of your experiences with us. This is certainly not the level of service we aim to provide.

I've not been able to locate any details on our system but if the Executive team have now been in touch and providing you with the outcome of your complaint, you are within your rights to escalate as per our Complaints Code of Conduct, should you not agree with the decision.

Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Forum Team

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On our wavelength

You won't be able to find any details in your system as this is a different account I created to post as my details don't seem to work to login for my mobile and never haVxbe even with resetting the password multiple times.

I have already raised this with the ombudsman and awaiting my phone aim contract to come to a end to cancel that also meaning we will have gone from paying virgin media upwards of £100 a month to £0 due to thee poor level of service and the fact that you allow fraudulent credit checks to be completed impacting innocent parties.  


I mm awaiting the final response letter in the post which is supposed to have been sent on Tuesday the 18th of October.  Once this has been received I can forward it on to the ombudsman. 


This issue would have never happened if VM removed my name from the account in 2018 as advised when I rang up about moving house and cancelling.  But VM being VM it seems are unable to locate any record conviently.  It seems that I am not the only one having similar issues with VM recently. 


Once this has been resolved I will be requesting that VM remove all My data from your systems. I should have done this when you experienced a data breach of which my details had been exposed along with many other customers as confirmed via email.



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thank you for your reply Dominic4. 

As the team have sent the letter on the 18th October, we would expect this to arrive with you this upcoming week. 

If you do not receive this, please do get back in touch and we can look in to this further. 

Once again, we are very sorry for your experience and any inconvenience caused. 

Thank you, 



No surprise I have not yet received the letter sent on 18th of October now that we are on 31st of October.  This is yet again another prime example of the recent service I have received from Virgin Media across the board.


We get advised something and it never happens. Just another lie after another.

This really is a joke of the level of customer service that is currently being portrayed.


Looks like I'll need to raise this again with the ombudsman who will then have to prompt yourselves for the 2nd time to actually get anything started.    The only reason I had been contacted months later is because the ombudsman had to prompt yourselves to even respond which should not be the case. 



Hi there @Domini4


Thank you so much for popping back to us and I am so sorry to hear that you have not yet heard back form us in regards to this letter.


I would be happy to take a closer look into this with you via a PM and see what we can arrange. 


I'll pop one across now, please keep an eye out for the purple envelope in the top right corner of your screen alerting you to a new message.


Thank you. 

It is unfortunate that I have to return here due to yet another lie from Virgin Media.  

The issue is still very much ongoing as above. However upon receiving the final decision letter there had been mention of a 'jiffy bag' being sent out to the address for the handset to be returned, all money refunded and my details corrected on the credit file.    


However there is 2 issues with this. 

Firstly there had been no mention of this at any stage of my discussions with Virgin Media over the span of the months that it took to get to this stage.  Not a single person, so it being stated on the final decision letter is laughable.

Secondly, no jiffy bag has been received at the address it had supposedly been sent.  This brings up 2 possibilities.  Either the jiffy bag got lost in transit (which is of course possible) or the most likely one it had never been sent by Virgin Media in the first place.   Considering I didn't receive the final decision official letter through the post still to date and only the email electronic copy I firmly believe it has never been sent at all. 


The level of this service is just horrible, how difficult is it to actually do something if you said you would. Sending something out in the post is not a difficult task.  


So here I am again to get a response considering every other avenue just falls on deaf ears 

Hi Dominic4,

Thank you for your post. I am sorry to hear you are still having issues. 

I can see you spoke with my colleague over private message who passed this matter on. 

What happened after that point?


On our wavelength



I received the email with the final decision letter in pdf format.  That is all, nothing further happened.   Which as I stated in the letter it advised a jiffy bag had been sent to the address which it hadn't.   This had been supposedly dated November also so we are 2 months on now.   Which again is the service I've experienced since the beginning of this whole ordeal, as such I'm no longer surprised anymore. 


But as advised it had never been mentioned once prior to it being listed in the final decision letter which I have only received via email, this had been requested by both email and post.   Initially requested via post which never arrived as per my original posting, the letter via post still hasn't arrived to date.    So anything being sent out via post seems to never arrive with virgin at the moment.



Thank you for that information Dominic4. To confirm, was this a deadlock letter?