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Virgin Mobile to reintroduce data roaming despite announcing they would not?

Tuning in

Hi there,

In November there was a. Announcement that data roaming wouldn't be reintroduced.

However I just received the following in a email:

"Virgin Mobile already uses the award-winning O2 5G network, so your coverage and phone number won’t change. You’ll also still be able to roam freely (up to 25GB) in Europe. And as the changes will happen automatically, there should be nothing you have to do, but we’ll be in touch if there is."


Limiting roaming to 25GB is, in my opinion a change in roaming. It is also a reduction of the quality of a very important feature for me.


Could someone please confirm if you are, or not, going to change roaming?


Maybe I misread something, in that case, please correct me 🙂 so I can stay or find a different provider in time.




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Your terms for roaming in their Euro Zone will be the same as that for O2 customers. Up to 25GB per billing period.

You will be free to leave, but when it comes to roaming you will be hard pushed to get anything much better at the price you are paying on Virgin

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Thanks for your answer.

I find it frustrating that "no changes" were announced and then there are changes.

Than one feature made Virgin Mobile the best value for me, but instead of being different and better, now it's all the same and worse, so I see no incentive to stay.

I understand it's going to be difficult after Brexit but, if I will be limited anyway, maybe there's no point in staying when I can pay half by switching to a different company.

Thanks again for your confirmation.

When Virgin Mobile say you can use "up to 25GB" roaming per month in the Eurozone, the 25GB only applies to those with the most expensive contract. Most of us will get a lot less, due to their "fair usage" policy. I have a monthly contract for 12GB at £7pm, and I only get 3.74GB of Euro roaming data a month. If you look up the Virgin Mobile page on the SimSherpa website they explain how hard it was to find this out, and they give a link to the VM fair usage roaming calculator so you can see what roaming usage you are allowed.