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Virgin Mobile fails to keep full records of calls made

I have made several dozen calls to an 0800 number since the beginning of October from my Virgin Mobile phone. I need a physical document from Virgin that shows when I dialled the number and for how long I was connected. There is zero record of any of these completed calls, or any toll free number that I have used for that matter, on any bill.

Like an idiot I thought that a simple call to Virgin Customer Service would sort this out. I quickly learned that there is no simple call to Virgin Customer Service. Call centre staff are completely incapable to even listening to the problem, let alone provide any help. I have asked to be transferred to a Manager only to be told in every occasion that none are available and I will receive a call back, which has never happened (except for one occasion when I received a voicemail). 

Today I received a letter that claims that I was advised that if the numbers aren't on the bill then I never made the calls. Dozens of them with hours of conversations over the past three months that I have made myself apparently never happened because Virgin fails in its legal duty to have complete and accurate records of calls made. Vodafone, who is the actual carrier, has records that will cover this because they know what the legal obligations are, but apparently Virgin doesn't and they simply don't care.

Time to rename Customer Service to either Customer Disservice or alternatively Don't Call Us Because We Simply Don't Care And Will Just Lie To You. This is without a doubt one of the most pathetic excuses for customer service I have ever had the misfortune of experiencing and has only been topped by the even more pathetic customer service from the TV side of Virgin Media who won't even take a complaint. I have been a customer for Broadband and TV for eight years and when the current contract expires I will be cancelling all business I have with Virgin. I will also be advising everyone I know to avoid Virgin Media like it has Covid.


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Re: Virgin Mobile fails to keep full records of calls made

It's part of OFCOM's rules that 0800 numbers don't appear on bills, which all UK phone providers have to comply with:

C3.10 Regulated Providers shall ensure that calls and SMS to the emergency call numbers “999” and “112”, or any of the numbers which are designated as “free to caller” in the National Telephone Numbering Plan, including calls and SMS to helplines on such numbers, are not identified in the Subscriber’s itemised Bills or any other Records that Regulated Providers make available to the Subscriber.

I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own