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Virgin Mobile Intermittent Cutting Out On All 4 Of our handsets when at home - but all 4 ok elsewhere

Tuning in

We have 4 Virgin Mobile handsets. About a week ago they all started to suffer from the phone signal cutting out/stuttering every few seconds whilst on a call. It makes speaking to someone impossible.

This only seems to happen when we are at home.

Another member of a local facebook community group for the area i live in has also experienced this with 3 handsets at her house. She has resorted to buying another pay as you go phone on another network for use at home. I dont know what to do next? Any suggestions? thanks


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @jrjr99 

Have you checked the network status? 

I don't work for Virgin Media.
I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge.
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Tuning in

Hi - yes:



Our network is currently working fine. If you’re experiencing a problem with service, try switching off your device and then switching it back on again.

We've been working on phone masts in this area in the past 24 hours. Sorry if you couldn't use your phone.


I cant phone Virgin as i cant hear what is being said back to me!

Hey jrjr99,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your Virgin Mobiles, whilst at home, are you using WiFI calling or is it happening over regular calls?

Are you able to turn off the WiFi calling feature and check if this happens without it being turned on?

Kind Regards,


Tuning in

Hi. It is on regular calls. We dont use the wifi calling function. I received a call whilst typing this message and could pretty much only hear every other word. All 4 mobiles seem to have the same issue. 


Thanks for coming back to us jrjr99, I would be happy to take a further look into this for you but first I would need to confirm a few details via private message, please look out for my message and we can get started.
Kind Regards,

Trouble shooter

It may be worth trying WiFi calling to see if that helps, at least until the problem is resolved.