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Virgin Mobile Are You Out There!

Well Virgin after many, many text messages telling me to put my new sim in, I find myself wondering if you will ever send me one. I can't swap because you never sent me one. Lock down stopped all phone contact and I was told no one could take my call. Even stranger there is NO mobile linked to my Virgin Media account or is my log in recognised. So I'm with Virgin Mobile and I pay you each month but I do not exist. I have emailed and complained but no one ever reply's.  Now my phone is due for a switch off and I find it unfair. If I can't talk to you how can I fix this? It leaves me wondering who I am actually paying each month and was I conned. I have been with Virgin tv and broadband since it started, with the same account. I took advantage of an offer offered to me by a member of staff who put me through to start my mobile contract. However it seems to of never been linked to my actual Virgin account. So with no account I'm floating in a kind of void.

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