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Verification Texts not coming through

I recently bought a new Samsung S21 from Samsung, but with a Virgin SIMO. As I tried to set up all my Apps and accounts, some asked me to type in a 4 digit code that would be sent via text. But these just werent coming through.

until I tried this - Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Network Modes > Change from 5G/LTE etc to just LTE/3G/2G

My phone buzzed for a good 2 minutes with all the short code texts that I had accumilated over the past 2 days lol 

So my issue is resolved, I just wanted to share my findings for others that may have the same problem. I have turned my 5G back on now until i need to receive another verification text. Not sure why its doing it - and its also not isolated to Virgin Mobile, other providers have the exact same problem so go easy on the staff if you get frustrated 😉

Hope it helps someone else!

Megan x

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