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VM now moving customers to o2 from Voda

Dialled in

Can an actual member of the forum admin team team, (and not a fake customer who is an VM member of staff or a VIP..) confirm what someone has leaked to the o2 forum (enlii) , that Virgin Media are no longer provisioning customers on Vodafone and have started to migrate all customer to o2's network .. 

And will it be absolute mess that was the EE to Voda migration (which is still ongoing? 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

That was me and it was not a leak as I gave you a link to the coverage page where all is explained.

You attitude to VIP's (who I know not to be staff) if find deplorable.

Most VIP's here are very helpful and go further than posting a few links to get their post count up.

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I think you will find this forum has a good few members who are actually VM staff, and they have been called out for this before..

Even when I logged complaints with the Complaints team, and mentioned that some of their staff on the forum have commented they have gone not again..

I think you have me confused with the person who commented on the o2 post, but we are not the same person... so think you should apologise if you think I am....

On our wavelength

I do not know if the leak is true, but I can see that the Virgin Mobile Coverage Checker is now displaying 02 coverage maps (where it was previously Vodafone coverage maps) for new SIMs:

The old Vodafone coverage maps are still available for existing (Vodafone-based) SIMs here:

The old EE coverage maps are still available for existing (EE-based) SIMs here:

So I think we can at least assume that new SIMs are now on O2.

I have a TP-Link M7200 mobile WiFi router which I have used my VM unlimited sim with for the past 18 months without a problem. 

A couple of weeks ago I suddenly couldn’t use the router to access the internet with any devices connected to it, I thought it might be a problem with the sim so spoke to VM who said they would send me a new SIM card which arrived within a couple of days but didn’t solve the problem.

From here I spoke to TP-Link as it appeared it could be a problem with the device so they eventually sent me a replacement which arrived today.

This still didn’t solve the problem so I went back to VM and after a lot of testing, and swapping sims around was told it appears because VM have now switched from Vodafone to O2 unfortunately the sim is no longer compatible with the device! 

So in summary sim worked perfectly in device on Vodafone but now doesn’t after network switch to O2.

Has anyone else had a similar problem develop in the last few weeks?

Hi @cjp1


Thank you for your post and welcome back to our community.


I am sorry to hear that the new SIM is no longer compatible with your Link Router.


We are very sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment caused by this. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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