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VM Contract Switch to O2

Fibre optic

We have just had notification that our VM contracts are being switched to O2. It looks OK unless the existing SIM does not work after the switchover in June. It seems that, if the switch does not work, a new SIM will be needed. This presumably means a gap in our ability to use our mobile phones. This is a worry since experience has shown that VM changes are seldom seamless. Am I reading this right or is there no cause for concern?


Fibre optic

I posted this yesterday but when I look at Virgin Mobile posts filtered by 'Most Recent' it is nowhere to be seen whereas posts from 2022 are on Page 1. What is going on?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @ahrbee thanks for your post here in the Community regarding the migration to O2 from your Virgin Mobile SIM.

There is no cause for concern here, as with the migration this is easily done to the existing SIM that you have already so there'll be no gap in the service that you receive.

For more information on the migration, please see here for more info.

Many thanks


Fibre optic

Thank you for your reassuring comment. I was wondering how many people had not had an automatic switchover.

My concern derives from this note in the VM e-mail on the switchover:

If your automatic switch doesn’t go as planned, we may need to send you a new O2 sim in the post – you can check and update your address details here

As with any undertaking of this magnitude, it may not be possible in all cases for a multitude of reasons. In these instances we may need to send a new SIM card and are just ensuring our customers are made aware of this.