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VERY SLOW Mobile network

Dialled in

What gives... when I went to serf the internet on my Samsung S10plus what a disaster, the signal i'm getting was 2mb, when I'm suppose to be on 200mb connection.. if this is the shape of things to come Im off,Its like being back in the 90's using 5kb land line connection, It was working great yesterday, done a speed test and was getting 70+ mb download and 10mb upload today its 2mb download no upload.... Is this down to the swop to O2 ???????


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Exorcist74 thanks for your post, although I'm sorry to hear of your concerns raised. 

You have said that you are meant to be on a 200MB connection, but can you clarify what service you mean on this? Do you mean your WiFi perhaps?

In terms of when you run the speed test, are you always in the same location when you do this?

Can you confirm if you are on WiFI or on data when you run the speed tests too?

Many thanks


200mb broadband, 100gb mobile data.. when I did a test on PC I got 200mb down,10 mb uplaoad , Today when I ran a test using WiFi/PC it was 195mb down 10mb upload, So cable is ok.,
My Phone today had 1.3mb down and time out on upload.. checked on O2 status and said there is a problem in our aria.
Now were suppose to be on O2 have the APN setting changed or need modifying... I use 2 apps on phone Speed Test Master v1.44.0 (Premium) and Speedtest by Ookla v4.7.20
thanks for the quick reply....

Hi @Exorcist74 thanks for your reply.

Okay so it's crucial to note, that when you are doing your speed test via a phone, the 200mb broadband speed isn't necessarily what you will obtain. As the speeds you get on WiFi are down to your device, the amount of devices online at one time to name one of many variable factors!

However, if you are getting slow speeds when you run your speed test at home, when you are connected to your WiFI, then this may be due to your Broadband and not your mobile network of O2. 

However, if you run your speed test when not connected to your home WiFi, and it's slow, then this is down to your mobile network.

I need to be clear on this first before we take things further, as it's not quite clear based on your responses which you are connected to when you perform the speed test.

Please clarify. 

Many thanks


OK... Broadband home (200mb).... test using speedtest online I get 190+mb down 20mb upload....
moblie phone using data plan = 1.2mb download, time out on upload...
Mobil phone using WiFi 64mb download 18mb upload
program/app used is Speedtest by OOokia

dave (swansea)

Hi @Exorcist74 thanks a lot for your reply.

So yes it would appear to be solely on the mobile network side of things then based on what you have said here.

As you've mentioned that there is a mast issue in your area, this would be why your services are experiencing disruption at the moment and I do apologise for this.

As soon as the mast issues are fixed, you should experience an uplift in services - hopefully this is ASAP for you.

Many thanks


Thanks Tom... stay safe and have a great day...

Hi @Exorcist74 thanks so much for your understanding.

You too and take care!

Many thanks