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Useless spending cap

I have just received a pay monthly sim for a relation and at the time of ordering I asked if I could have control of the spending cap. I was told yes.

The sim arrived I installed it in the mobile and downloaded the virgin mobile app so that they could keep an eye on how much allowance they have left. I also tried to change the spending cap on their phone and found that I could. This seems to completely defeat the point of having a spending cap.

I used the chat facility to ask about it and was told it can be set to be controlled by me (the account owner and bill payer) but I must ring up to do it, I rang up and the operator said I cannot fix the spending cap and it will always be able to be changed in the virgin mobile app.

So, which one of the virgin mobile team is right?

It seems pretty pointless having the ability to fix a spending cap and then for it to be able to be changed by a child or a thief, in other words I have no control over the sim I am paying for and the huge bills that could be racked up.

Many thanks



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Re: Useless spending cap

That is the biggest problem with Virgin's spending cap, the account holder does not have full control over it, it can be changed by anyone with the SIM in their phone by downloading the App.

I expect the person on chat, was confused over Spending Cap and the Credit Cap?.  You can ring and have Credit Cap set - but minimum for that is £50 monthly 😵

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