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Unable to get SIM card !!

Signed up for virgin 2 weeks ago and did not receive my SIM card.
Phoned and spoke to an agent on Thursday who said it would be resent and arrive Friday... we'll still no SIM card
I've transferred my number onto the 2nd SIM card via the agent on Thursday so I'm now without my mobile as my other contact has cut off..

Can someone look into where the card has gone please and why I'm not getting it. I've been billed for the 1st months usage without even using it!
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Re: Unable to get SIM card !!

Hi, some sim cards, posted via royal mail are taking longer than usual. This has typically been between 10 to 14 days but obviously can arrive any time between.

Not what your wanting to hear.

If concerned give CS a quick call & ask them to arrange another sent via Yodel day after delivery (free) & also while on the system to apply a refund for the 1 month cost - refunds typically show on next months bill.

Hope this helps.
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