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Unable to connect to mobile data

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Hi, I could not connect via mobile data on my old device for a few months despite all the settings being correct. I assumed it was a hardware issue but after getting my new device I still cannot connect. Nothing that I've seen on here has fixed it so thought I'd make a new post asking for fixes. Thanks for any help provided!

Edit: Just realised this should be under Mobile, apologies!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi mattyredd24, thanks for posting on our help forum with your issue today.

We're sorry to hear you've been having issues with your mobile data connection, could you please let us know if you have received a SIM card from us recently or you've had yours for a long time? 
Also, what's the device you've purchased recently (android or apple device?) and do you get any error messages when trying to connect?

Let us know more about this and we're happy to best assist you.

Forum Team

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