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Unable to access Google play store

Tuning in

Due to a fault on my LG Joy mobile I am unable to access the Google play store so cannot update my Whatsapp account which expired recently. To use Whatsapp on my computer I need to link it to my phone which is currently impossible! If I click on the play store link all I get is a menu with several options, none of which lets me access the play store. I'm worried that if I try and reset my phone to factory settings I will lose all my contacts and photos etc etc. As a footnote Virgin says my  LG Joy is not supported now. Anyone got any ideas please.I am at my wits end.


Sadly I am still getting the screen I posted the picture of earlier in this thread so Play Store is a no go. 

Seems to be no way round it.

I have Whatsapp back which was my main concern.

I'll leave  the Play Store issue alone for now.

Ultimately will probably get a new phone






No problem,

I can appreciate that this may be frustrating. 

We are glad however that the WhatsApp situation is fixed.