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Unable to access Google play store

Tuning in

Due to a fault on my LG Joy mobile I am unable to access the Google play store so cannot update my Whatsapp account which expired recently. To use Whatsapp on my computer I need to link it to my phone which is currently impossible! If I click on the play store link all I get is a menu with several options, none of which lets me access the play store. I'm worried that if I try and reset my phone to factory settings I will lose all my contacts and photos etc etc. As a footnote Virgin says my  LG Joy is not supported now. Anyone got any ideas please.I am at my wits end.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Bogdan3, thanks for the message, 

following this what message are you getting when you go to download.

Does it allow when you sign in from another Google account?



I have just sent you the gist of what Google sent me.Sadly not made any progress. 

I'm worried about what I would lose if I reset my phone to factory condition. Also LG no longer sells phones so not sure it would be a good idea anyway. I would hate to lose everything.

Question for you. Are all my  contacts, texts, photos and Whatsapp messages on the Sim card and would they remain there if I did a reset?

I would love to move my photos to my computer but I can't work out how to do it!! Am I thick or what?

That's all for now. Look forward to your response.


The texts would be deleted, WhatsApp would sync the last saved version. contacts would depend if saved on google or the physical sim/ phone.

When you connect the power lead from the phone to laptop does it allow you to access the phones hard drive?

If so is there a folder marked DCIM? 


Hi Chris,

I get told there is not enough room. Free up space. No matter how much i delete it doesn't change things.

I have added a second Google account but situation just the same.

I'm bot a happy bunny right now!!



Hi Bogdan3, there should be an option to transfer the information

Can you search for smart switch on the handset and you can transfer to another device. 

Kind regards, Chris. 

Hi again Chris,

I'll have to check out your comments later. 

Thanks for your quick response.


No worries, please let us know how it goes. 


Hi there,

Have now managed to move photos over to the laptop. The lead I was using yesterday must have been faulty!!

Stage one complete. Will try more tomorrow as have other things to do now.




Morning Chris,

I have tried all sorts of things but still can't access the play store, however I have managed to get Whatsapp working again which was my main concern.

Thank you for your assistance and anyone else who has offered me help recently. I'll call it  a day for now and bid you all goodbye.

I may come back in the future!!



Thanks for the update Bogdan3,

Just to clarify on the play store issue, is the same message as before appearing?

Let us know,