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Unable to access Google play store

Tuning in

Due to a fault on my LG Joy mobile I am unable to access the Google play store so cannot update my Whatsapp account which expired recently. To use Whatsapp on my computer I need to link it to my phone which is currently impossible! If I click on the play store link all I get is a menu with several options, none of which lets me access the play store. I'm worried that if I try and reset my phone to factory settings I will lose all my contacts and photos etc etc. As a footnote Virgin says my  LG Joy is not supported now. Anyone got any ideas please.I am at my wits end.


Morning Adri.

I have cleared the Data/Cache as per your instructions but when I re-started the phone it was the same as before. I just get the screen I sent in an earlier picture/message.

I'm not convinced resetting the clock/date etc will achieve anything and would rather not unless you are convinced it will work. 

I have however emailed Google about the issue so will hopr they can help.

I've also discovered i cannot upload my photos to Drive as the app is out of date. 

Seems things are going from bad to worse and I'm fed up with the hassle!!


Morning Gerald 👋

Thanks for the update.

Sorry what Adri suggested hasn't worked. 

Let is know what Google advise so we can offer further support if required. 


Forum Team

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Update Google Play Services. If that is out of date lots of Google stuff won't work

Screenshot_20230305_142311_Google Play Store.jpg

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Thanks for your suggestion. I have cleared the cache but not sure how to update it as the 2 top buttons are blanked out or not live, however you want to say it.

Anyway currently waiting for Google to get back to me.



Hey Bogdan3, thanks for all the updates and sorry to see you're still waiting for a resolve to this issue.

Please, kindly let us know how things go with Google's advice and we're here to assist further if needed.

Forum Team

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Good morning,

I have heard from Google and there is a long list of things for me to try, some of which have already been suggested by folks on here.

It will take me a while to check them all out so I'll get back to you when I succeed or not, as the case may be!



Hey Bogdan3, thank you for keeping us posted.

We'll be here to assist further in case you're not able to find an appropriate fix, please do tell us in case you need more help and update us on how things go from here.
Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Hi all, I haven't forgotten you but i had a very busy and quite stressful day yesterday so unable to make ant progress with my problem.

Hope I'll have more time today.


Hey Bogdan3, thanks for the update.

No worries as you can take your time and pop back here to let us know how things have gone once you have had some progress with this.

Do let us know of the feedback you get from Google as well (if any), since the issue has been reported to them before and they were able to resolve this for Google Play Store users.

Thank you for taking the time to post here and looking forward to hearing some news from you soon.

Forum Team

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Check if you’re signed in to the correct Google Account.
Open the Play Store. At the top right, select the profile icon.
If you’re not signed in to the correct account, switch accounts and try again.
Update the time.
On your device, turn off Automatic date and time. Then, turn it back on.
Check software and system updates on your device.
To check if an update is available, go to the software or system updates in your settings.
If an update is available, update your device.
Check that you have a strong Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. 
It’s best if you can connect to a Wi-Fi network.
If you don’t have access to Wi-Fi, make sure that you have a strong mobile data connection.
Try your download again.
To get more help with connection problems on Android devices, go to Fix Internet connection problems on Android devices.
Check if there are any issues with your payment profile.
If you tried all the steps above but still can’t download apps, try these additional steps.

For more help with Google Play, we recommend our Help Centre and Help Community.