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Unable to Upgrade Mobile

Good Morning, 


I have been with Virgin a long time and my contract expired some time ago. I have been on a 30 day rolling contract for a long time now. I decided to upgrade but am unable to do so. I assumed it might be a credit check issue and tried to call but the line sent me to the text service. I used Live Chat and was advised it is not a credit issue but that I'd need to verify my bank before upgrading. I've had the same account since the beginning so not sure why this would be. I called 789 and when I selected upgrade it sent me again to the text service, who said they couldn't help. I tried calling repeatedly but have been held in queues. I would just like to upgrade online like everyone else. I also asked for a pac code as if I am unable to upgrade with virgin I would like to keep my number when I switch to another network. Its very frustrating I have not been given this either. 


This is the message that appears when I try to upgrade online. 


Sorry! It doesn't look like we can go ahead with your order right now, please call us on 789 and we will do our best to help. 

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