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Trying to upgrade

So I’ve had an email saying my current tariff is ending even though it’s says it’s “lifetime” until 2099. So I’ve called and asked about this and I’ve been told it’s a sim only tariff as my phone is separate. I’ve just called to upgrade to a different tariff that is also sim only, it’s 15gb of data but it’s triple data making it 45gb for £18. I’ve been told I can’t have this as I’m not sim only as my phone is tied in, so I’m getting conflicting information. Then the person on the phone says I need to pay my phone off in full when the email I’ve received says “Don’t forget, as your contract is in two parts, you’ll need to carry on paying off your handset. To find out more about the above, visit


When I call to ask about this I’m constantly left on hold regarding the matter and nothing ever gets resolved at all. There is also no way of speaking to someone about complaining at all. 

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Re: Trying to upgrade

All very clear isn't it. lol

Your phone loan is separate to your SIM plan, the SIM plan you have is a rolling 30day contract.

You really have the choice of taking on the SIM they are trying to put you on, or try to get the SIM offer your after - but they will not like that as it is a 12month contract sim offer, but you can fight to get it on a 30day contract if your lucky. Your 3rd choice is to cancel SIM altogether and take one on elsewhere.

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