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Trying to get a PAC

So after moving jobs on the 1st March I now work from home and don’t get any reception whatsoever and it’s the same for all other people on the EE / Virgin Mobile. 

Ive tried to call customer services but I just simply can’t understand them. The operator’s use of English leaves a little to be desired. However I just need my PAC code and they keep saying, “call back tomorrow” which I do and they keep saying the same thing. Honestly I am going round in circles. 

I have a great need to move my mobile account as I am constantly missing calls as they just divert straight to VM. 

Im still in contract on Sim Only but will pay whatever to leave Virgin as my business is far more important (despite the coverage map displaying excellent coverage....)

Can snyone help pretty please? 


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Re: Trying to get a PAC

You can try by using the CS text service 07533016422, when you have a signal or use any other phone/sim.

By law you should be given your PAC straight away over the phone or receive it within two hours by text, for you it would just mean you will be charged for remaining contract term after using the PAC.

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Re: Trying to get a PAC

Hi khakilad,


Thanks for your post.


I am sorry to hear of the call experience. To cancel the account, you'll need to call the team on 789//03456000789 and they can do this for you and process the PAC code.


Kind regards,

Forum Team

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