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Transfer Account Gone Wrong!


Today I tried to call Virgin to transfer ownership of my mobile account from my parent to myself to take over the bill. After 35 minutes on the phone, the call centre support stated they we're experiencing technical difficulties and they would call back 30 minutes later. When this happened and we picked up the phone, the line was cut off immediately.

Unfortunately, the 'technical difficulties' had occurred midway through this switch. As a result, my previous pay monthly deal has been cancelled but a new one not set up. This means I currently have no Virgin Mobile services available!

As someone that is regularly required to use my mobile for work purposes, this would impact my job (the reason I had tried to do this on my day off). I had called the support centre back 3 hours later, but was told 'we'll call you again in 24 hours, everything's pending'. This does not help whatsoever and when I asked why I wasn't informed these 'difficulties' meant I'd be left with no services, I was told 'that isn't important, I just have to wait'. 

To make it worse, during this call we also discovered that our Virgin Media home phone now has no connection for incoming or outgoing calls, something that was 'fixed' after 2 technician visits a couple of months ago.

As a result, 2 of the 4 services we are paying for with Virgin Media are now unavailable! Smiley LOL

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Re: Transfer Account Gone Wrong!

Hi coadyltfc,


I am sorry to hear about your experience. Have you been able to get confirmation as to what stage the transfer reached when everything was stuck pending?

Had the account been moved on to a pay as you go account?

In regards to your landline have you been able to check your service page to see if anything is listed for the landline? Service Checker




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