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Trade in (passed from pillar to post)

Tuning in

Can anyone help me!!

I sent my phone in for a partial trade-up on the 8/11/22.

It was to pay off the rest of my contract for £60 and the rest for cash.

I received an email (After chasing up) that my phone had been processed and I would be getting an amount paid into my account in 72 hours! It has now been a full week and I have not seen any money. I have contacted your customer support team who looked into it and told me to call Likewize as they have not processed it yet. I called them and they have told me that everything at their end had been completed and to call virgin mobile again which I did. Can you see where this is going I have now made multiple calls to both companies both of them sending and blaming each other. I just want to know where MY money for my traded in phone is! The next step will be to try and cancel my contract with you as I am lost on what to do next. Maybe this is my final hope as my customer support help has been the worst I have ever encountered. Please! 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Gallatron2000,

Thanks for your Post on the forums, I am sorry you're having to deal with this frustrating situation after you Traded-In your handset. 

I understand you want to get this sorted, however as the Trade-In process is handled by the third party Company Likewise you will need to give them another call as they're the ones who handle the transfer of money. 

We would not be able to help in this case I'm afraid 😞 I have the link to Likewise and their contact number is +44 (0) 1270 41 2020, please give them a call. 

Let us know how you get on.



I have just done this and they said they have already processed this on the 08/11/22 and you have the money! What do I have to do now? I have called you 3 times and Likewize 2 times. 

Hi Gallatron2000, 

Thanks for coming back to me, I have just asked a colleague for further advice on this for you as I really wanted to see if there was anything we could do. 

Unless one has been raised already by yourself, I can create a complaint for you which will go to a specialised team who will reach out to you in a few days to get it investigated. 

Would you like to go down that route? 



It’s the only thing left to do I have no choice in the matter. Nobody can seem to sort it out for me and I have totally lost confidence in your company. Please let me know what I have to do to get my money.

Thanks Gallatron2000,

I'll get a PM sent over to you right away so we can get the ball rolling on this then.

Speak soon!



Hi Gallatron2000,

Thanks for chatting with me in our PM's, I was able to raise a complaint for you and added all the relevant information to help the team investigate and resolve this for you. 

Please let us know how you get on. 




Can you please check your DMs. I still haven't heard anything about this and nobody has contacted me. I was told it would be 72 hours to get my money for my phone, it's been ages now. Also was told someone would get back to me in a couple of days and it has been 4 days now. I have no idea what is going on.


Hi there @Gallatron2000


Thank you for updating us and we are so sorry to hear that you have not yet heard back from the team! 


If you have already sent Megan another PM then they will pop back to you as soon as possible if not then please do reach out again so the agent can chase this for you. 


Thank you.

Alessandro Volta

Gallatron2000. you shouldn't be being passed to Likewise - your agreement and the trade in offer was made with VM.  If they choose to involve some third party contractor, that's fine, but the deal was between you and VM.  Your obligation ends when you sent the handset off, and you hopefully have proof of posting (or a subsequent acknowledgement from either Likewise or VM that it was received).  From there, it's VM's responsibility. 

There have been repeated instances of VM fobbing off trade in problems, referring customers to Likewise, it's disappointing the company still won't take ownership and resolve things and that forum staff are still advising customers to speak to Likewise, despite those previous cases.  Curiously I attempted a recent trade in with iDMobile and that didn't go as planned - sent a letter of polite complaint with all the details, promptly acknowledged, and it's all being settled on the terms I wanted with regular updates from their complaints team.  Didn't need to get heavy with the consumer rights stuff, they just took the complaint, owned it, and resolved it.  Read and learn, Virgin Media.

And that is your way forward.  Ask the forum staff to open a formal complaint for you that the trade in has not been processed, and VM are fobbing you off referring you to a company with whom you have no contractual relationship.  If that gets the right outcome then the job is done.  If that too gets fobbed off, you reply rejecting any "resolution" they offer, asking for a deadlock letter, and with the deadlock letter you ask CISAS to resolve the matter, including compensation for the inconvenience and wasted time in the first place, and for the subsequent poor complaint handling.

Alternatively the forum staff could just push through the necessary credit to your account (plus a suitable goodwill element), and that would be a whole lot quicker for everybody, easier for everybody, and save VM the considerable costs of yet another drubbing by CISAS.