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Those who have been migrated to Boost...

I was wondering if I could ask a few questions (I would be interested in any answers; it doesn’t have to be all):

1/ did it happen automatically? Was it on your February top up?

2/ did they tell you your date in advance?

3/ did your network automatically change itself from “Virgin” to “Boost?”

4/ could you still log in to virgin, or just Boost after they transitioned you?

5/ did they give you a good plan or slot you into a premade Boost plan — was it better/comparable/worse than your VM plan?

6/ any problems, or anything good/bad/else you want to mention?

Thanks if you made it this far!

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Re: Those who have been migrated to Boost...


I believe you are in the USA as in the UK doesn't have boost. this forum is for UK Virginmedia support but I have found this for you

Regards Mike

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