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Text message failure

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  • Hi, I'm after some advice. I've reviewed all suggestions and tried without success all listed. In the last couple of weeks I've not been able to get messages to only 1 of my contacts who doesn't have a smartphone. They still receive other messages and are able to send me messages fine. Why could this happen? I've tried deleting and adding the contact, removing and adding my sim card back in to no success. My contact has also checked re blocking adding and removing. I'm wondering if it could be linked to an update my phone recently completed but am struggling to update the correct settings potentially. Please help me! Thanks



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Mowen83

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Sorry to hear you're friend is not able to receive messages from you. 

Can you confirm what make/model both your phones are? If you both have iPhones please ensure that both phones have imessages sent on and are enabled to send and receive them

Here to help 🙂
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Thanks for your reply. I have a Huwaiei and it's my relative who has an old style phone, not sure on the make or model but she doesn't have the ability for apps, just Internet explorer and camera. It's frustrating as the only way I communicate with her is by text message and she's really the only contact I use for text message in this day and age but she's not able to use what's app etc. 

Thank you for that information. Do you know if your relative is with ourselves or another provider? 

To confirm, do you have any issues with calling the number?


Hi Martin,

Yes they have a different provider. No issues with me calling them on that number just the text message issue. 

Forum Team
Forum Team

It's odd that you're having this issue with just texting specifically one number. 

Has the recipient spoken to their provider at all to ensure there's nothing blocking your number that end?


Forum Team

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Well the oddest thing is that I receive her messages fine. Yes cked her handset to ensure nothing is blocked for some reason. I would need to wait until I next see her as she's in her 90s so I can call the provider. It's just frustrating nobody knows the reason it's suddenly stopped my texts coming through. So you think the phone, which is a Nokia model, could start blocking my number after texting fine for years. I'm still convinced it's linked to an update my phone did, ever since the update happened my text messages never went to just her handset and she receives all other texts from her contacts. Perhaps I will have to give virgin a ring to help fix the issue.


Hi Martin,

I would advise your relative speaks to their provider to get this looked at their end, you could ask them to delete you off their contacts then re-add you, if there has been any blocks added accidentally this will cancel them.

Please let us know how they get on, if you do need any further help, please do not hesitate to reach back out.