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Terrible signal for months now

Joining in

For the last 6-8 weeks my signal has been terrible and making and receiving calls is sometimes impossible - mainly have one Barr and getting really frustrated as always had such a good network coverage - resort to WiFi calling where I can but surely I shouldn’t have to do this ? 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Louc1976, thanks for the post on our help forum.

We're sorry to hear of this struggle with your mobile signal and services, could you please check this link here and let us know if any issues have been reported in your area with our masts or similar? Also, you can check the quality of signal and coverage there using a post code and let us know if the signal appears to be poor where you are?

Lastly, could you please advise whether you've received a new SIM from us recently and activated it or do you have yours for a long time?

Let us know of the above and we're eager to best help you.

Forum Team

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Hello and thanks for your reply. Following the link it does say there is a mast down nearby and that engineers are working on it. Have to say though the link took me to 02 network which is known to be an issue where I live aa my husbands work phone is on 02 and he has terrible problems usually resorting to going outdoors to make or receive calls which is not ideal but being a work phone there is little he can do about this. I have always have a brilliant service so am only assuming but if you have transferred me from the EE network I was on the it seems no coincidence this has happened. I have not had a new sim for sometime though so not feel this will help for the reasons I have stated above.  I think I am going to have to look at moving when my deal comes to an end if I am to remain with the 02 network if I am honest but thank you for confirming what I suspected all along

Kind regards 


Thank you for the additional information, we have migrated some customers over to O2 as part of our joint venture. This will be why the link took you to O2 service checker but if there is a mast issue in the area this will be being looked into by O2.

Do you experience the same signal issues in other locations as well?




I haven’t noticed issues elsewhere though I use my phone most in my home - I get 2 bars if I stand outside as I am doing now which makes for a sightly more audible call - my husbands 02 network has been dire for years so if they are working on it I don’t hold out much hope for it being any time soon - am using messenger calls at the moment at home as voice calls are impossible having never had an issue before it’s very very frustrating as I’m sure you’ll appreciate 

I can certainly understand the frustration this is causing, does the link advise of an estimated fix time for the local mast at all?