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Terrible Customer Service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Endless Marketing Cold Calls from Virgin - Plaguing me with silent answer phone messages & waking me up! No amount of effort seems to be possible to resolve this matter!

Dumped on several calls, lied to over issues, told things were resolved only to have the same nuisance call from virgin marketing teams, people who can barely speak English. Was refused to be put through to a supervisor, then told by another operator their computer had stopped working. It's a cowboy operation and I will not be stopping here. This will need to be resolved because I will make sure everyone knows just how criminal the Virgin Customer service are. I say criminal because it criminal to plague customers with unwanted marketing calls, tell them its been resolved when it hasn't, then tell them there is nothing more that can be done, whilst also claiming me (the customer) is lying, laughing and calling me a quote "bad customer". Yes you will have this on your recordings and I will not stop until it's been reviewed by senior management. I will document every step of the process, so if they turn around with the same attitude we'll see how they defend their actions in the media and in the courts.

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