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Switching mobiles

I am a current Virgin customer and want to upgrade my current Samsung phone to Samsung A41 and change my contract with you. The package you offer is £14 a month for three years.
Question 1 will I get a new Sim card with phone or do I continue to use the old one.
Question 2 I store on my current phone emails, contact telephone numbers, text messages and whats app messages. Some are personal and some are work. I want to transfer all my information to the new phone. Is the information stored on the phone or Sim card?
Question 3 I plan to use Samsung Smart Switch to transfer the information. I have acquired the connector. Does how the information is stored make a difference to how I do the transfer and is there anything I should be aware of.
Question 4 I was told that I needed to save the whats app messages to an email address. In preparation for changing the phone I followed the instructions and attached to my gmail address. This appeared to work ok. However when I follow the instructions to locate the messages that have been attached to the email account I can't seem to locate them. Can you help me please?. 
Question 5 I have checked how to order the phone on line and that all good. When I order the phone when will the changeover date be and the changes to the payment for the upgrade.
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Re: Switching mobiles

Hi Barbaracleary,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 


So for the first question: This would depend on how long it has been since you have had the SIM card and if you have using our old red ones or our new purple ones. 


The second question: This would depend on where you have requested the information to be sorted. The safest way to find this out is to turn your handset off, take out your sim card and turn the phone back on (without the sim card in). Any missing information would be on the SIM card. 


The third question: To my knowledge it shouldn't make a difference. But to be 100% I would advise checking our Samsung forums as the Samsung smart switch is a service provided by Samsung and so they would know the exact information. 


The fourth question: Again for support with a 3rd party service I would advise checking out WhatsApp forums as they will be able to advise further on that 


The last question: So as long as the credit check and order went through straight away, the change in package would take place on your monthly renewal date. We would aim to get the Handset to you within 24-48 hours (if there is a replacement sim card sent out, this would also come with the handset). 


I hope this helps. 



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