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Stuck on EE and now phantom charges for unused data

Round about ten or twelve days ago my Moto G5 Plus started reported the attached network as EE instead of Virgin. Not sure exactly when. Restarting the handset makes no difference. There's been no recent update from Virgin or Android.  A manual search for networks with the 'preferred network type' set to 4G returns: Virgin (forbidden), EE, Virgin Mobile (forbidden), 3 UK, O2 - UK (forbidden).

Change the preferred network type to 3G and I get: Virgin (forbidden), O2 - UK (forbidden), EE, 3 UK,

Virgin is also forbidden on 2G. So I can't connect to Virgin at all. Only EE. However I can make and receive calls and send and receive SMS so I wasn't too concerned.

Starting on the 12th Virgin started to record, in recent usage, small amounts of data spaced exactly an hour apart. This data usage started on the 12th but there are no charges for the two days. From the 14th onwards they're charging me £3 / day. All this despite the fact that mobile data is switched off on the phone.

So why is my phone not connecting to Virgin or Virgin Mobile?

How can I prevent further phantom charges?

How can I get my £27 refunded?





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Re: Stuck on EE and now phantom charges for unused data

It would seem that when Virgin updated your sim to start using Vodafone (the network appearing as Virgin) that Vodafone isn't allowing the sim access to the mast while EE still is.

The network appearing as Virgin Mobile is the Emergency Services Network hosted by EE but phones detect as either a 234-** number or Virgin Mobile.

This is odd, and the way to get this resolved quickly would be to contact customer service on 789.

If I've helped please let me know 🙂 Matt

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