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Stop outage texts

Joining in

My elderly neighbour was having issues with her home telephone and I signed up for texts about her outage issue while helping her out. The problem was resolved weeks ago but I am still receiving these texts with new updated dates - in the last half hour I’ve had 13 texts. It’s driving me nuts. Any idea how I can stop them please? 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi glm74,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂

Sorry to hear you're receiving a lot of text updates, these should stop once the fault has been resolved.

Can you confirm if you've received anymore since posting?


Hi, I received another 4 after posting and they now seemed to have stopped. 
The fault was resolved weeks ago and I have no idea why I still received so many texts but hopefully this will be the end of it. Thanks! 

Thanks for coming back to us glm74, please let us know if you get any further messages. 

Kind Regards,


Tuning in

I made the mistake of signing up for updates for fault number F010598254 in May. It’s now July and I’m still getting these texts and it’s really annoying. I have asked the sweet customer care girls who politely say they don’t have any way to unsubscribe to these texts. WHY NOT?? Please sort this out because it’s two months and this fault is not being fixed. At least give it a new ID so we don’t get the messages. 


Virgin Media Outage Update - Description: Service update. Broadband, Voice and TV fault F010598254. The latest update we have is: We have identified the problem and an engineer is on their way. The estimated repair time is now: 10/07/2023 18:00:00. The Virgin Media Team.- ID: F010598254. Best wishes, the Virgin Media Team.


Hey stellababy, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear this.

This is right we have no way to do this sorry normally this would stop after the outage has been fixed.

Sometimes outages can take a while to fkx and we are sorry about this.

We do have an automatic compensation scheme here but to qualify services have to be down for 2 full working days  and then you get £9.33 per day for a total loss of service. Please see the link for a full break down regrading this. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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