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Still on EE in SEptember 2022

On our wavelength

I just moved to Virgin today - got my sim this morning.  I was really surprised to see that it's on EE.  Anyone else still on EE?  I thought they were supposed to have moved to Vodafone, and then again to o2?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi ZXT, 

Thanks for your post, and welcome back to our Forums. 

Sorry to hear about this. All of our SIMs are currently operating on the O2 Network - can you please advise on why you believe this is an EE SIM? We no longer have access to their network and therefore cannot initialise any new connections.


Reece - Forum Team

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On our wavelength

Hi Reece - thanks for the reply. I've attached a couple of screenshots.  The network showing on the top left of my phone says "EE" and in the drop-down menu. 



Thank you for the screenshots ZXT, you advised you are a new customer is this correct? 

What handset do you have?


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New customer, yeah. Currently have my SIM in an older unlocked "Vodafone E8' handset. Have used that handset before with an o2 SIM and it did show o2.

(don't want to put the SIM in my Google pixel 6 pro until my number port from Three goes across on Tuesday, as it would mess up some of the settings in Google messages etc)

Hi there @ZXT 


Thank you for your responses. I'll pop you a PM now so we can take a closer look and see what's happened here. 


Please keep an eye out for the purple envelope in the top right corner of your screen alerting you to a new message received.


Thank you.

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Many thanks!

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What networks are shown, if you perform a manual network search?

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On our wavelength

Seems the old handset I had my SIM in while I was waiting for the number port from Three to go through was so old that it was assuming a virgin sim was still on EE. My numbers now been ported across from Three and I've put the SIM in my Google pixel 6 pro and it's showing as "Virgin" - the open signal app has confirmed it's on the O2 network. 

Thanks for the response there, 

That is quite odd as all of our numbers should be on O2.

I'm glad you were able to confirm this however.

Take care,